Style Guide & Site Docs

Drupal, Apache, Let's Encrypt and DNS

Community Domain Setup notes for running multiple Drupal9 sites off of a single database. Page content, Views and Block placement based on "Domain Access"

Some random notes on Drupal 9.

Layout Templates and Style Considerations

  • Announcement Content
  • Event Content
  • Page Templates
  • Text Accordions
  • Menus
  • Blocks
  • Colors, Fonts and Logos

Mobile First Considerations

  • Bandwidth Tools, Blazy.js content loader
  • Picture tags, Image Preset Processing
  • Bootstrap Grids


The practice of making your websites usable by as many people as possible.

  • Content Guidelines
  • Google tagging
  • Feedback

Text Editing and Markdown

Syntax Description
Header Title
Paragraph Text